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Blue Sky Thinking

AIRSHED is a New Zealand company that helps you take action against Climate Change, to make the Earth a cooler place.

We help you measure your carbon footprint, reduce your carbon emissions, and offer simple products to help you offset what's left.

Climate Change affects us all, it threatens life as we know it and it’s not going away unless we do something about it.

By working together and making small changes to our lifestyles, we can make a difference to global carbon emissions.

Offset Projects

AIRSHED only deals in high-quality carbon offsets that conform to accepted international standards.

Te Apiti Windfarm

Te Apiti Wind Farm

Te Apiti generates electricity for up to 45,000 average homes with no harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

myclimate - Electricity from biomass in India

myclimate Offsets

International offsets come from a portfolio of renewable and energy efficiency projects managed by myclimate, a Swiss non-profit foundation.

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Emission reduction tips

You can take action against Climate Change now. Reduce your emissions by following our simple tips. It’s easy and it may also save you money.

  1. Switch off lights and appliances and cut back on their use, dry clothes outside.
  2. Drive less. Walk, ride a bike, use public transport, car pool.
  3. Fly Less. Holiday locally, use teleconferencing for business.
  4. Waste less. Avoid packaging and disposable items, recycle, compost.

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