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About Airshed

AIRSHED is a New Zealand company that wants to help you reduce your carbon emissions, to make the Earth a cooler place.

We want to make Climate Change easy to understand. We can help you measure and reduce your emissions, and we offer products to offset the remainder.

For businesses and event organisers, we offer a range of emissions management services and a carbon neutral certification program. We also have a portfolio of high-quality carbon offsets that help fund projects to reduce emissions.


AIRSHED works with the following organisations:

  • Catalyst R & D logo
  • myclimate logo

Catalyst provides carbon consultancy services. myclimate is a Swiss non-profit foundation.

Who we are

Todd Spencer, Founder

Todd Spencer, Founder

Todd is an energy lawyer with more than 15 years experience in New Zealand, Europe and Asia. He has worked for energy companies in Europe and New Zealand and recently has been involved in the development of wind and geothermal power projects.

Maia Ririnui, Founder

Maia Ririnui, Founder

Maia has over 20 years experience in investment banking, online media and accountancy in New Zealand and Europe. He spent 12 years at UBS London where he was last an Executive Director running an interest rate derivatives trading group.