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Airshed Energy

AIRSHED offsets Greenhouse Gas emissions from its electricity products using high-quality Gold Standard carbon offsets.


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AIRSHED Energy is electricity with high-quality emission reduction units. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions associated with its generation, transmission and distribution are offset using carbon offsets derived from Gold Standard renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. The Gold Standard is widely regarded as the highest quality carbon offset standard and it is supported by Greenpeace International and the WWF.

How it works:

  1. AIRSHED Energy customers sign up at Powershop.
  2. AIRSHED calculates emissions using the relevant NZ-specific emission factors.
  3. AIRSHED retires carbon offset products from its portfolio periodically, to offset these emissions.
  4. AIRSHED records offset transactions in its register.

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Gold Standard carbon offsets from projects such as the Te Apiti Wind Farm are currently used for the AIRSHED Energy product.


AIRSHED Offset Policy
AIRSHED Energy Terms and Conditions

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