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Airshed Offset Policy

The key requirements for AIRSHED offsets is that they deliver real, verifiable and additional greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions.

Recognised Standards

There must be a scientifically verifiable basis for calculating the GHG benefits attributable to the relevant offsets, applied by a reputable organisation. AIRSHED will only purchase offsets verified and validated in accordance with a reputable standard, such as the Gold Standard.


AIRSHED’s offsets must be “additional”. That is, carbon finance must be a material factor in determining whether a project goes ahead/is economic.
The project must not be a legal requirement.
The project must face a distinct cost/technological or institutional barrier that the revenue stream from the offsets generated by the project overcome.
The project must be beyond business as usual and not common practice in the area for similar projects not receiving carbon finance.
GHG emissions are lower with the project than they would have been without the project.

No Double-counting

AIRSHED will register all offsets purchased with a reputable registry or equivalent mechanism and retire all offsets sold to retail customers to ensure no double-selling.

Forward Purchases

Purchasing offsets in advance of their delivery/creation enables projects to receive more up-front funding, helping a greater number of projects to become economic. However, it brings with it an element of delivery risk. To manage this delivery risk, AIRSHED prefers to purchase offsets that have already been delivered.

However AIRSHED recognises the detrimental effect this can have on the development of new projects. Accordingly, it will consider forward purchasing offsets on a case-by-case basis. To this end AIRSHED has approved the forward purchase of emission reductions from myclimate’s Gold Standard carbon offset project portfolio.

Environmental and Social Impact

The projects from which AIRSHED’s offsets are derived must comply with local/national environmental laws and regulations. Projects must also be carried out with local consultation and approval.

Forestry Projects

Deforestation is a significant contributor to global GHG emissions. AIRSHED will only consider purchasing offsets from forestry projects where the rates of absorption can be verified and where the risk of impermanence has been addressed.


Airshed Ltd – September 2009