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Emissions reduction tips

By working together and making small changes in our lifestyle, we can make big changes to the planet.

Follow our tips and reduce your carbon footprint. We've listed them in 4 categories: Energy Use, Vehicle Use, Air Travel & Waste. Reduce emissions now and in many cases you will also save money.

Energy Use

Switch off... reduce your energy-related emissions and cut your energy costs.

  1. Switch off all appliances/chargers when not in use, at the wall outlet.
  2. Switch to a renewable energy provider.
  3. Buy appliances with high energy-efficiency ratings.
  4. Shower, don’t bath.
  5. Insulate your home, close curtains/blinds.
  6. Lower your heating, and hot water thermostat settings. Raise those in your fridge and freezer.
  7. Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs.
  8. Build/renovate in an energy efficient manner, consider solar panels.
  9. Dry clothes outside, not in a tumble dryer.
  10. Fill your washing machine right up and lower the heat setting.
  11. Only boil as much water as you need.

Vehicle Use

Drive less... reduce your vehicle-related emissions and cut your fuel costs.

  1. Walk, cycle, take public transport, drive with a friend/colleague.
  2. Drive smoothly, keep speed down.
  3. Do all your errands in one trip, park and walk in town centres.
  4. Buy a fuel-efficient vehicle.
  5. Plan trips to avoid congestion, road works, getting lost.
  6. Don’t rev too high (2,000-2,500 rpm) before changing up a gear.
  7. Switch off the engine when in traffic jams.
  8. Switch air conditioning off or use sparingly.
  9. Keep short journeys to a minimum.
  10. Remove roof racks/boxes and cycle racks when not in use, don’t carry unnecessary loads.
  11. Service your vehicle regularly and keep tyres inflated.

Air Travel

Fly less... reduce your flight-related emissions and cut your travel costs.

  1. Don’t fly unless it is necessary, it is extremely emissions intensive.
  2. Use the train or bus for short-haul destinations.
  3. Holiday locally rather than abroad.
  4. Tele/video-conference rather than flying to business meetings.
  5. If you must fly, go direct to your destination.
  6. Combine trips where possible.


Waste less... reduce your waste-related emissions and cut your waste disposal costs.

  1. Don’t use plastic shopping bags.
  2. Buy goods with minimal/no packaging.
  3. Recycle paper/cardboard/glass/aluminum/tin/plastic.
  4. Compost food and garden waste.
  5. Print documents rarely and in a condensed, double-sided format.
  6. Re-use when possible, or give unwanted items to others for re-use.