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Sea freight emissions

Calculate the carbon footprint of your container cargo.

1. Your Voyage Details

Shipment Details

Enter your data

(Note: If weight field is left blank a maximum of 28.2 tonnes is assumed).

Total Emissions

0.000 tCO2-e


1. Select your Vessel Type, Ports and Container Weight.

2. Hit “Add another container” for multiple shipments on the same route.

3. Hit “Calculate” and a results line will be displayed.

4. Hit “Add another voyage” if required.

5. Hit “Offset your emissions” to access our carbon offset products.

6. Use the crosses to delete specific containers or voyages.


1. This calculator uses vessel emissions data from the UK’s DEFRA and shipping routes from AXS Marine.

2. For detail on sea freight emissions issues see the International Maritime Organization’s Climate Change guide.

3. For help with detailed sea freight emissions calculations or to send feedback on this tool, contact us.