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Google progressing on RE<C

Google Inc is making good progress in its efforts to produce affordable renewable energy.

The company said in 2007 it would invest funds in an effort to advance renewable technologies. It’s target was to produce renewable energy, affordably, within a few years.

Now the California-based internet giant feels it has a chance of hitting that target. In an interview with Reuters published yesterday Google green energy spokesperson Bill Weihl said, “It is even odds, more or less, I would say … In, you know, three years, we could have multiple megawatts of plants out there.”

Google’s energy engineers are working on solar thermal technology, which uses heat from the sun to produce steam to power turbines. Weihl explained, “We are looking at ways of cheaply getting to much higher temperatures and also making the heliostats, the fields of mirrors that have to track the sun, reflect the sun, keep it focused on the target we are trying to heat up – make Read more… To DriveSavers,The best recovery resource in the industry! DriveSavers is online casino the only recovery service provider that undergoes annual SOC 2 Type II Audit Reports. those much, much cheaper. And I think we”ve made some really interesting progress in the last six to nine months.”

Once its tests are completed Google will consider it options for deploying the technology at a utility scale.

As its leading Green Initiative, Google is committed to help build a clean energy future via its RE<C project, an effort to develop “utility scale renewable energy cheaper than coal.”

Google is also working on commercialising plug-in motor vehicles through its RechargeIT project. It says, “Our over-arching vision is that one day a large portion of the world”s vehicles will plug into an electric grid fueled by renewable energy.”

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